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A leader's guide to reaching today's children

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Will They Follow?

Will They Follow? is an extensive and comprehensive book that describes how to create a program that children love to attend. Through an impactful and exciting ministry, you can fulfill Christ’s final command to make disciples. In addition to her personal experience, Dr. Syme has taken research findings from leading experts in the field of education and shown how they can be applied to your children’s ministry.

Included are:

- Making the narratives of the Bible come alive

- Teaching Bible verses for life

- Leading a child to Christ

- Playing games and activities to reinforce the lesson

- Recruiting and energizing volunteers

- Partnering with parents

- Dealing with behavioral issues 

- Attracting children from unchurched homes.


The anecdotal stories help the message come alive.  This book will also offer a unique and strategic plan for working in small groups to discuss the real-life application of the Bible lesson.  A plan for small group discussions for many Bible lessons is included along with several puppet skits which will help facilitate those discussions.


  About  the

Donna Syme graduated from the University of Delaware with a B.A. in elementary and special education.  She later earned a master’s degree in education from Widener University and a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Christian Education from Newburgh Seminary.  Her teaching career spans over four decades and includes teaching elementary and special education both in public and Christian schools. She has led intervention teams, mentored new teachers, and supervised student teachers.  Her ministry at church has involved teaching elementary students, directing children and teen choirs, playing the piano and organ, serving as a small group leader for teens and adults, leading teaching seminars, and serving as  Coordinator of Children’s Ministries. 

"Christian friends, I can not recommend this book enough. Will They Follow? is so good! Donna Syme is a beautiful writer and shared such important information for Christian educators!!"
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