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Donna’s goal in teaching has always been to make learning fun. As a child, she remembers being bored to tears many times in school and Sunday school. So when she became a teacher, she vowed not to let that happen. Consequently, she has created puppet skits, dramas, games, and other activities to make learning fun!


Donna is married to Robert Syme, who is a tax consultant. Bob is kept very busy between January and April 15. However, in his off-season, Donna and Bob enjoy traveling together, especially to The Netherlands and Taiwan. They both love the Lord and enjoy serving at their church.


Donna and Bob have two adult children, Steve and Kristen. Steve teaches English as a Second Language in Taiwan. Kristen has a Ph.D. in anthropology and is a professor at Leiden University in The Netherlands where she lives with her husband, Samy, and their daughter, Yasmeen.

Check out my "Fun Learning Activites" page!

Learn activities that are designed to help reinforce The Truths of God’s Word in a fun and exciting way.

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